I think should rename the the school Cesar’s Chavez.I would name my school Cesar’s Chavez because he dropped out of school when he was in 7th grade to work full times with his mother.Cesar got the right to vote.Cesar advocate for non-violet protests.

Cesar Chavez quieted schll


This essay will compare and contrast Tessie and Katniss. Tessie and Katniss both live in the dystonia. Tessie is okay but katinss does not like the lottery.They are also different who they partner there family.

Both katniss and Tessie are in the dystonia.  In the both story there is a lottery.In both lottery one person dies.In the both story they help there family. They both are in a lottery.

katinss hated the lottery but Tessie .Kantiss said i’m feeling novenas and so desperateness hopping that it is not ture  that  it is not me.That show that katinss does care about her family.  Tessie feels good unless she gets killed.

They are also different because they care about there family.When katniss family was pick she wants to be pick and said i volunteer so her sister wont get killed. However when Tessies family was picked tessie.

They both live in dystonina but kantiss hate the stuff but Tessies did not care about the lottery.

That is how i think the story endes

Ways that will happen to the world


I think the world will end if the moon crash the earth.If the moon  crash in to the earth it will move.other way is that the moon is bigger than the earth.If the something carsh to the earth the earth will rolled.If something happens to the earth we will die.


I would like to change three thing’s this year.I would like to get done my homework.I would like to get more skill on painting.I would like to get more better grade

I am going to do my homework.   The first thing when i get home is to go to my room and i’ll do my homework.I will stared with my math homework.After when am done is to do reading on vocabulary.

Im going to learned how to paint. First i will pick a good brush to paint.  I will look for a big canvas.  I will look or the paint that i need to use.


I will get better grades. I will study every time at night. Im going to study at my house. I will study in a room that is quite.

These are the three thing’s i like to change this year


Based on the words and action of Mrs. Summer in Shirley Jackson’s story the lottery. I think he is mad about the lottery. Mrs.summer said I guess we better get started get this over with so’s we can go back to work. This show’s that Mrs.Summer that does not like the lottery.I conclude that Mr,Summer feels Raphael about the lottery.


If we had a party after school we should have ice cream and pizza.We should go to the art room.We can be in the pit  and talk.We can go outside and play with our friends


I went on a nature walk.My friends and I saw tree’s.Me and friends heard crickets.My friends all got hurt from the trees.                                                                                               The trees had a lot of spiky sticks.The trees feels ruff.The tree had a lot  of  leaves.

The water was very cold.The water had a lot of leaves and it had dirt in he water.In the water i saw fishes swimming around.

I heard the birds cheeping.when i was walking i saw a bird on the tree.The birds were flying around because we made a of noise.